Web resource (webref)

This attribute allows to include a content of remote resource to a page using http, https, ftp protocols.

Attribute options


Attribute options

Option Description
Location Default remote resource URL.
Render only location While the switch is turned on, the attribute value is the address (URL) of the resource. Otherwise, the attribute value is a textual content of a resource.

Edit mode


Web resource URL on the page management UI

In this example, a page address https://tools.ietf.org/rfc/rfc6901.txt was specified as the resource

Using in the markup

Type of attribute value: java.lang.String.

Including a resource text to the html page:



Using the mentioned address of a resource, we get:



  • In the ηCMS 1.0 the maximum remote content size is limited to 1Mb.
  • For security reasons, a loading of local files and the classpath elements is disabled.
  • When loading http resources the caching is in use. The maximum size of documents to be stored in the cache: 128Kb. Maximum number of cached documents: 512.
  • Timeout for connection to the remote resource: 10 sec.