Attribute to specify an image file and display it on the page. ηCMS supports automatic image resizing according to attribute parameters.

Attribute options


Attribute options

Option Description
Width The desirable width of the image on the page.
Height The desirable height of the image on the page.
Auto-scaling Enable/disable automatic scaling of the image according to width (and/or) height.
Cover area The intelligent scale mode provides the picture scaling will fill the specified area with preserving of an aspect ratio.
Restrict size If this flag is enabled, the specified image will be checked to match the specified width and height.
Skip small Do not scale an image, if its size is smaller than specified dimension. This mode is useful to avoid grain on resized image.

Edit mode


Attribute on the edit page panel

By clicking the image selection button ηCMS offers to select an image file:


Selecting an image file


Attribute view after the image is selected

Using in the markup

Type of an attribute value: com.softmotions.ncms.mhttl.Image

Example of the insertion of scaled image as a part of <img>:

#set(Image img = asm('image'))
<img src="$!{}"></img>


<img src="$!{((Image) asm('image')).link}"></img>



Identifier of the media file in the ηCMS repository

Returns a path to the properly scaled image.

Image in HTTL markup:

<img src="$!{}" ...>