Select box

This attribute is used to define the set of name value pairs and display them in website pages

Attribute options


Options of a select box

Display as

  • list – in the page management UI select box will be displayed as a plain
    list of possible values allowing to select multiple values (holding Control key)
  • selectbox – in the page management UI select box will be displayed
    as a drop-down list, allowing to select only one pair.

Multi select

Used only for list display mode allowing to choose multiple values.


The data table, where select box key value pairs are stored.

Edit mode


Select box in list display mode

Using in the markup

In the context of HTTL markup the value of selectbox attribute will be a collection of objects of type com.softmotions.ncms.mhttl.SelectNode, where every element has the following properties:

  • key - item name (java.lang.String),
  • value - value value (java.lang.String),
  • selected - whether this item is selected (boolean).


#foreach(SelectNode node in asm('select'))
    <option #if(node.selected) selected #end


String SelectNode.key

Select box element name (title)

String SelectNode.value

Select box element value

boolean SelectNode.selected

If true the current option is selected (active)