Using a richref a website editor can insert links to a page, along with additional information: text, description, image, additional styles.

Attribute options


Here are the main options of this attribute (from left to right and top to bottom).

Pages (checkbox): Allows to insert a link to both internal ηCMS pages and external web resources.

Files (checkbox): Allows to insert links to files stored in the ηCMS media repository.

Name (checkbox): Allows to specify an additional single-line text with a link; for cases while a link (together with the name) was not specified.

Extra (checkbox): Allows to specify an additional multi-line text with a link.

Optional links (checkbox): If this option is enabled, a link to the resource will be optional.

Image (checkbox): Allows to use an image. If this option is enabled, the image view parameters are available. Options are fully consistent to attribute options Image.

Options: Three sets of options in the form of pairs: key => values. Options should be set in the text field in the following format:

key=value[,key=value, ...]

In the example below, the first set of options is filled:

Blue text=blue, Red text=red

The data of these options can be used for displaying links. Here the key option (blue text, red text) are displayed in the GUI page editor, and the value of the option (blue, red) are available in the httl markup.

Edit mode


Richref in the page management UI

The richref options are displayed as drop-down lists.

Using in the markup

In the context of httl markup the value of this attribute is an object of type com.softmotions.ncms.mhttl.RichRef, containing all the data entered by the website editor for this attribute.

The data for this attribute is displayed as an image with the link inside block having a caption and description:

  <h2>Richref demo</h2>

  #set(RichRef rr = asm('richref'))
    <a href="$!{}">
      <img src="$!{}"></img>
    <div style="color:${}">

In a web browser it will be shown as:



All RichRef object properties are optional and can be null.

Image RichRef.image

Image com.softmotions.ncms.mhttl.Image, associated with richref.

String RichRef.description

Additional multi-line text. Refer to attribute option:. additional (checkbox):.

HTTP link specified in attribute.


String name specified in the link or by individual Name field, if the name (checkbox) option is enabled.


The value of the style from the first set of options selected by the site editor.

String RichRef.style2

The value of the style from the second set of options selected by the site editor.

String RichRef.style3

The value of the style from the third set of options selected by the site editor.

This method generates the code of HTML link <a> if the link (link) is specified for richref. In addition, you can specify a list of extra attributes to be added to <a> for example: